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Culture and Heritage


<span>Culture and heritage</span>

Discover the culture and history of the village of Vercorin in the track of the “Old Village.” The site offers different trail options followed by educational panels. You will also have the possibility to learn more about astronomy, botanica and other heritage facts about Vercorin.

What we’ll do

The concept of this hike, which includesinformation panels, is to show you the richness of the past of the region of Chalais. The trails connect Chalais to the Crêt du Midi and will take you through 5 levels of vegetation, and across 12 thematic trails. These hikes have an altitude difference of 1800 m. The other trails can be accessed by gondola, cable car, bus, car, bike, and of course by foot.

Who can come

Everyone is welcome!

Additional Information


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