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Oct, 2021
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Oct, 2021

The « Formidable » charity action


The « Formidable » charity action

The « Formidable » charity action

Project  « Formidable »


 « Formidable » is a new joint action of the Freude herrscht Foundation and SWISSPEAK Resorts. The aim of the Freude herrscht Foundation is to enable every child to discover, through the beauty of our mountains, the virtues of outdoor sporting activity. SWISSPEAK Resorts, created by the investment fund Mountain Resort Real Estate Fund SICAV, also wants every child to have the right to discover this magic with their parents. Given the convergence of objectives, the Freude herrscht Foundation and SWISSPEAK Resorts have joined forces to set up this action which is close to their hearts.


Thus,  « Formidable » is an action that consists of collecting funds to issue holiday vouchers which will be offered to Swiss families who meet the criteria for the grant and which will be welcomed by all Swiss accommodation providers who will join this action.


Initially, this action will target those who, during the Covid-19 pandemic, have constantly put themselves at the service of the community by exposing their own health. We are thinking here of the medical staff, those who ensured the supply and opening of the shops as well as those who worked in the shadows on a daily basis. This action allows:


  • A thank you that goes beyond words to those who have been involved during the pandemic.
  • A contribution to the tourist activity, which is said to be strongly impacted by the pandemic.
  • A commitment by Swiss companies and patrons in support of various state aid.


Subsequently, this action will be continued to promote the values that are dear to the initiators of the project and which are held by the mountain dwellers, namely humility, respect, and solidarity.


Mission of the  « Formidable » 


Facilitating access to mountain holidays for families and children

  • By offering holiday vouchers to families and children who have never been on holiday in the mountains and/or who cannot go there.
  • By participating in the financing of camps for young people or schools.
  • By fulfilling the dream of children with the disease or those in need of assistance to discover the mountains in all seasons.
  • By granting financial aid for any action in line with the values the above mentioned that the foundation defends

To promote the mountains, life in the mountains and the spirit of those who practise it and whose values are authenticity, solidarity, respect and loyalty.


  • By organising debates and meetings around themes related to these values
  • By organising a sponsorship of personalities who embody these values
  • By organising experiences that allow young people to learn these values through the practice of mountain sports.


 « Formidable » cheques


In this particular time of pandemic with travel solutions largely reduced, holidays in Switzerland and especially in the mountains are an excellent solution to get back to the great outdoors without mass tourism. After confinement more than ever, holidaymakers must be able to find pleasant and affordable accommodation offering all the comforts of home or even more, with complete health security.


Because of this health crisis, a large number of families in Switzerland are having to give up their summer holidays, much to the regret of both adults and children. This is why the "Formidable" vouchers will enable these people to enjoy the great outdoors in the Alps at a lower cost.


In addition, to thank the people who braved the pandemic every day to protect their fellow citizens, we would also like to give them the benefit of these cheques. Valued at CHF 500.00 per family member, these "Formidable" cheques will be financed thanks to 80% of the funds raised by this action and 20% voluntary participation by the accommodation providers.


Would you like to join our cause? 


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